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I don't know if anybody has been reading this blog since the start, but if you have you may remember my first couple of posts, recapping the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference. If not, please have mercy when you read them - they are not the most well written posts I have. It was actually the thing that made me decide to start blogging. ANYWAYS.......

I never really finished my recaps, I don't plan on giving a full play by play now, but rather explain WHY it was such an amazing weekend.

First off, I got much closer to one of my best friends, Kassidy. We go waaayyyyy back to the VBS days and have danced together for a while but after we shared a bed and stayed up watching Miranda Sings videos all night at DCYC we now have a pretty unbreakable bond. I got to serve as her confirmation sponsor this year, which was an honor and an incredible journey in my own faith as well as hers. If we had never gone to DCYC, who knows if we would be the Miranda Sings loving-dumb roller coaster picture taking - church boy stalking girls we are today?
DCYC pretty much confirmed my dream of becoming an evangelist/ youth minister when I grow up. I was so touched by the stories the speakers shared. I still hold the words "His will and my will are the same" close every day of my life. I will always remember that it was Mike Hoffman who spoke those words, and Naomi Lehew's talk on Blessed Chiara Badano that made them true to me. I probably say this in every single post but... I want to be somebody who can do that for other people - give them truths, help them understand God just a little bit more.
Lastly, and most importantly, I'm gonna be cliche and say that it was an inspiring weekend. The whole conference emphasized how you don't have to be an adult to make a difference. Blessed Chiara was only 18 years old when she died, and that was only 23 years ago, and she was beatified in 2010. The time is now! Now is the time to be holy, not tomorrow not in 30 years - Jesus doesn't care if you're 13 or 83, you are part of His family and it is your responsibility to be active in it. So pray! Volunteer! Go to church! There's no point in waiting on something that is available to you this instant. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I have big dreams and DCYC made me believe that they are achievable, not in ten years but in the near future. Now here I am, almost a year later, a part of the first ever Epi-Pro dance company, being blessed with the incredible opportunity to give Him glory and to bring people from all over the country closer to Him through dance! And I know that this is only the beginning of what God has in store for me!

Dallas Catholic Youth Conference gave me a retreat high that I don't ever plan on getting off of but now I bear bad news.........
This past week I recieved an e-mail from my youth minister saying that we had to cancel our DCYC trip this summer because of low registration. First of all, I think it is ridiculous that one of the largest Catholic youth groups in the nation had to pull out because not enough people signed up, and it saddens me that so many teens from my parish don't know what they're missing out on. Seeing as Kassidy and I have been counting down the days until DCYC all summer, devastated is an understatement. PLEASE pray that we can work out a way to still get to go!!!

Sorry for being a downer in the last paragraph but it is what it is. You might be thinking, "Didn't you say 'His will and my will are the same?'" Well yes, but I highly doubt that God's will is to keep a group of teens away from a place where they can grow deeper in their faith with Him. I'm praying for the best but unfortunately, preparing for the worst.

                                                                      In His Name, 

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The kids at SAY Summer, VBS & all of the volunteers this coming week @ St. Ann
My friend, Evana and her mom that got in a car accident the other day

Here's the DCYC promo... I make an appearance around 50 seconds :-)

DCYC Promo from Dallas DCYC on Vimeo.

"The decisions we make, and how we respond to The Lord's invitation, can affect the entire direction of our future, can affect people we do not yet know, can affect entire generations after us" - Naomi Lehew

"The future of the Church depends on you, well let me tell you all - that future is here now and you're required, not in a couple years' time but right now, you must be filled with The Holy Spirit" - Bishop Kevin Ferrell.

"Live in a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you" - wooden plaque thingy in my house

Thursday, June 26, 2014

wacky week

I feel like I start every single post with an apology for not posting in a while... Sooooo um sorry I haven't posted in a while, I guess I just haven't done anything interesting enough to talk about BUT this week I did!!!

This past week I had the privilege of dancing in Gateway Church's "Wacky Week", which can be best described as vacation bible school on crack. It's insane, in the best way possible and I am so incredibly thankful to have been a part of it. I danced in the opener, day 1 & day 2 closers and got to be a dance-worship leader. (Seeing as I often feel my calling in life is to be a worship hand motion choreographer, the last one was especially fun) Today I want to share a couple of things that made this week so special to me...

I'm not a member at Gateway so I was pretty nervous that Olivia & I would be excluded because we were outsiders. But everybody there was SOOOO nice, it wasn't hard at all to see Jesus in each and every person I met. I made tons of new friends and was welcomed by everybody, by the end of the week I felt like part of their huge family. What I admire the most is that status didn't matter. The dancers shared a dressing room with the actors and singers and nobody was more important than another. The people who on a TV show would be portrayed as the diva or the condescending genius, were the sweetest of them all. The female lead singer, Anna, especially warmed my heart. She is an amazing singer, yet she is incredibly humble and is a ton of fun to hang around with. She constantly praised us dancers and was enthusiastic about taking weird pictures of Olivia and me backstage. It was also surreal getting to hang out with/dance with so many members of Ingredients dance company, which I wrote about in a previous post (read it here). It was crazy getting to dance alongside so many people that I look up to. 

I'm gonna try not to get too sappy here but a month ago today, my dance teacher, Connie, had a preventative double mastectomy (meaning she had it to lower her once very high chances of getting cancer - NOT because she had it!). On the way to our first Wacky Week rehearsal, Olivia and I went and visited her in the hospital and yesterday I was dancing with her onstage! God does amazing things for amazing people! One of my new friends said the other day, "Connie, you are literally my inspiration" She laughed off the comment but its so true, and if you know her I think you'd agree. She's inspiring in the simplest ways, and in big ones too. For me, she inspired me to want more from my dancing, showing me that there is more to dance than just steps. Throughout this week Connie has thanked  us immensely for helping her out and I always feel like I'm the one that owes her thanks. Most of the other dancers come from Christian studios and companies, so it may not have been that big of a deal to them  but this was the first time I had gotten to do dances created specifically to glorify Our Lord! IT WAS AMAZING!!! And now that I know how it feels, I never want to go back! So Connie, if you're reading this I love you, thank you so much for allowing me to dance & worship this week, you're seriously the coolest person I have ever met. 

During sound-check one day, Pastor Ken, told us about how every generation seems to say that the generation below them is the "generation that turned their backs on God". He said that it's people like us, people who use their talents to glorify Our Creator, not worldly things and imitation love, who can change that and I truly believe he's right. I wish you all could have seen the kids  attending Wacky Week when we danced and led worship - even the boys in the back row were jumping around and lifting their hands in praise. Knowing that I contributed to kids encountering Christ is the most gratifying thing in the world. This week, though for the children, was a retreat for me as well. 

When I was little and went to VBS, I always had a "favorite" big kid. There was always one person I watched and looked up to and wanted to be just like. They never knew how much of an impact they made on me and now that I'm a big kid and there's probably a little girl who looks up to me. It sounds so silly, but what made this week so special to me is that idea. I'll never know her name, but I have touched her heart and that fills me with enough joy to last a lifetime. 

Once again I'm really thankful for this week, making new friends, growing closer to my already friends and growing closer to God! I'm also excited because I get to do it all again in July!!!
In His Name, 

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All of the kids who went to Wacky Week
Connie in her recovery, her caretakers and doctors

Here are links to some short videos from WW...

Alive (my arm is on the big screen haha!):

I'm the one in the center-ish, wearing pink pants and a blue jacket.

we waited all week to take a picture smashing our faces against the glass of the drum cage haha

okay this is in SL town square but I've always wanted to open a dance studio in this building and the store is closing so my chance is now (lol I'm not opening a studio any time soon though)

this fantastic portrait of a horse is in the green room, so I had to do some snap chat story-ing with it...

in a box

pretending i'm in the noize

these guys & girls were amazing in the skits all week

Olivia, Connie & me - purple version

Rudy & me trying to be hardcore... except I did the "I love you" sign instead of "rock on" oops

most of the dancers

Me, Tressa & Olivia

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

meet me at the corner?

So today was my last day of sophomore year (yay!!!) and it didn't really feel like any of my other last days of school. This is mainly because I only had to be there for one class period, but also because it came so fast. Usually the last few weeks drag out up until the last day of school but this week really snuck on me this year. That's not what this post is about though... You're probably wondering why this post is titled "Meet me at the corner?" and I will explain! My best friend, Sarah, lives just across Parkway and a block down from me so whenever we hang out we "meet at the corner" between our houses. Those words will always make me happy. But we don't say them very often anymore - NOT because we aren't friends, but because we can drive and even though it only takes two minutes to walk to the corner, we usually waste gas and pollute the atmosphere by driving. You grow up a lot during sophomore year, mainly because you or at least some of your friends can drive and can have jobs and it's all just a weird mixture of freedom and uncertainty. All of the things you couldn't wait to do when you turned sixteen are actually options and sometimes it scares me. For example, in the past two weeks I've been hired for two jobs (yep, two). I'm excited to make my own money and stuff but it's still so weird to me that I'm getting a paycheck with my name on it and that somebody trusts me to please their customers/ teach their students. 
As you grow up and discover who you are, you gain and lose a lot of friends. I'm really lucky to have Sarah, who has been my best friend since third grade and been through all of the awkwardness and confusion of adolescence with me. We aren't involved in the same programs at school so it's nice that we actually have things to talk about that the other person doesn't have any ties to or preconceived ideas of. Also, as my mother would say, Sarah has more boy experience than me, so she gives good advice on that kind of stuff (even when I don't want to hear it) 
It was today when we weren't in school that I started thinking about the good old corner. We were doing what we normally do: go to market street, come back to my house, bake and watch old Degrassi episodes (because the new one is horrible). I would love to do a post on why Sarah is such a great friend but 1) its not that simple and 2) if I could find adequate words to describe our relationship, the post would be at least a mile long. My point isn't that Sarah is great (we all already know that). My point IS that a year ago today we may have still been baking and watching Degrassi, but we would've met at the corner and begged my dad to drive us to market street and then he would have paid for whatever we decided to buy (today it was ingredients for slutty brownies). It's odd to think about how some things change and others stay the same. Even though we've developed relationships with other people, we're still best buddies (ok lame sorry) and I don't anticipate that that will ever change even as we grow up and open a Bookery or get married or whatever else we end up doing. 

Proverbs 18:24

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I didn't feel like searching all the way back to 2004 so here are some recent pics ok. 

at the #DallasBIG sign outside of the AA center before Imagine Dragons! 

Sarah made snare captain (it is a big deal!!!)

In His Name, 

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Me as I start working
Students taking final exams in the next few weeks (NOT ME <3)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

always on your side

I haven't posted in a long time and I apologize for that but I have an explanation. Here it is: I have wanted to write this post for a pretty long time but seeing as I have been dancing competitively for six years, there is a lot of content I could write about. In essence,the story of my first four years of company is just a sob story about being bullied, feeling left out and sucking at dance. And as much as I'm sure you'd all LOVE to hear me whine about my middle school dance drama, I'm choosing rather to write about the past two years, which have been very good to me. 

It's sort of the norm at my dance studio to quit company after 8th grade and do drill team. I don't know what drove me to, but like the little girl in those taco commercials, I thought, "Why don't we (I) do both?". The three other high school girls and I trying out for company thought that we'd get our own group made since we were older. That didn't happen and a couple of them quit for that reason. But once again, I don't know what drove me to, but I decided to stay. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. At first I wasn't too thrilled about dancing with girls a year or two younger than me but I quickly realized what a great opportunity it gave me to step up as a leader. I've never been one to sit back in the crowd but in previous years I was either the youngest in the group or too insecure to step up and lead. 
Our team bonded quickly. Even though everyone but Daniella and me had all been together before, I felt like I fit in almost instantly, which was something new to me regarding dance company. Right off the bat we were faced with challenges as one of our teammates, Kara had back surgery to correct her scoliosis. I consider Kara the glue that holds us together. She's close friends with everybody on the team and the way she fights to overcome obstacles inspires all of us to be a better version of ourselves. Knowing that she'd be there for us in a similar situation, we all constantly had Kara on our minds. Her last class before surgery was emotional for all of us. We were excited with her and nervous with her and as much as we all tried to stay positive, there was an elephant in the room. The odds of her dancing again ranged from her being back in a month to her never dancing again, and we all were thinking of the worst case scenario. Good news: Kara was back to dance within two & a half months and is doing better than ever, the full story is one for another day but the point is that she is amazing and helped our team bond. That year we danced to a song by Sutton Foster called Always and to be honest we always made fun of it, (mainly because her voice is so high) but now as I go back and listen to it I can't help but shed a tear because it describes us so well. 
I had intended for last year to be my final year in company because Varsity drill team is supposedly a bigger time commitment (it's not that much). I have never felt like I fit in with the dancer girls in my grade so the idea of being separated from my Ultima team was scary. I decided to stay in company another year. Although there have been many scheduling conflicts, it has been totally worth it. Despite the absence of one member (Kassidy, you were greatly missed) it was the exact same team, so we were already ahead because we know each other so well. 
This year was just more. More fun. More challenging. More drama (unfortunately). I got to know everybody better and through my friendships, discovered who I am, or at least who I want to be. Last year I made friends, but this year I made best friends. A lot of people dread going to dance and on a side note, if you are one of those people you need to reconsider what you're doing, BUT I'm the opposite, I look forward to rehearsal with these girls and even if it's a class we don't necessarily like, we find a way to make it bearable together. 
The two things I love most about these girls are 1. They're hilarious, but also sincere and 2. They follow through. Number two is a big reason why I think we've become like such a family to each other - we can trust each other, we know that when we make a promise, we'll keep it. Of course we're far from perfect - we get annoyed with each other and sometimes we take jokes too far, but at the end of the day none of that matters. Olivia and I often refer to this year's Ultima as "The team that actually did stuff" because when we have an idea, we stick with it and that has really made this year worth while. The list of "stuff we did" is pretty long but the thing I'm most proud of happened just a couple of days ago. 
We made a video for Miss Melva (which you can watch here) and had planned on having a dance section in it. When I was teaching the other girls the choreography, we got the crazy idea to finish choreographing to the rest of the song and ask our company director if we could perform it in showcase. Like I said, we follow through, and only two rehearsals later we were onstage dedicating our dance to Miss Rachel and performing our own choreography. That dance means so much to us. We all connect to the song, "Home" by Gabrielle Aplin, in that, we're going in different directions next year but we'll always call MSSOD our home and we'll always be there for each other no matter what. 

Here's our dance...

So if you're in Ultima and you're reading this: I love you. Don't be afraid of ghosts when you're asleep in your #bedsheets tonight, it's probably just Pasqual (what a boy). Remember to keep the bags off the table on Thursdays because if you don't, hand on my knife, I promise I will slit your throat. If you ever find a panda bear or proof that mermaids are real, let me know - just please don't eat my snacks. I am literally at the hop right now and I can see your future, it involves many artsy dance photoshoots, which are swag. If you ever need me you will find me in the parking lot, eating pizza hut
Until the Abby's go marching in (HUAH), 

I've been incredibly blessed to be a part of this group for the past two years and I honestly don't know how I'll deal with not seeing them everyday next year. However, all good things must come to an end and I feel in my heart that its time for the chapter of my life to close, though I will definitely go back and reread it time and time again. 

And on my heart, I promise I will see you through

When pain arrives, I'll be right there to hold on to
With laughter and with prayer, I promise I'll be there
Always by your side

Always by Sutton Foster

I'll always keep you with me
You'll be always on my mind
But there's a shining in the shadows 
I'll never know unless I try 
Home by Gabrielle Aplin 

In His Name, 

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Victims of gender, race and class violence
Students taking final exams in the next few weeks

Friday, May 2, 2014

hanging up my hat

Hellllloooo ok for those of you who don't know, I decided not to do drill team again. Why, you ask, well keep reading this post.... 

My decision to quit Lariettes had nothing to do with the fact that a group of girls made me feel left out. It had nothing to do with the early morning practices and freezing walks from the parking lot. It had nothing to do with hot and sweaty band practices. It had nothing to do with seniority or ugly costumes. It just isn't the kind of dance I want to be doing. This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make because there are a lot of things I love about Lariettes. I love the fringe. I love football games. I love having the locker room as a safe place. I love my directors and I love my team mates. But for the dancer I want to be, drill team is just not the right place to learn and grow. I want to be an artist, and on drill team everybody is told to be exactly alike. I definitely grew tremendously as a dancer on JV, and was pushed to work my tail off to prove myself. But now it’s time to hang up my hat and move on. I went back and forth between quitting and trying out for officer about five times spanning from November to February before I finally made up my mind. It's just that when I see dances at competitions and conventions I always say, "Wow I wish I could dance like that." and I realize that where I am now won't get me there. I finally accepted that I can't just keep the things I love about Lariettes, it's all or nothing. And I'm going to have to take nothing if I plan on being the dancer I want to be. I would give anything to put on the fringe and shake it with the drum line one last time. But in our lives we have to make sacrifices and we can only have faith that we are making the right decision. 

I am one of the few dancers that doesn't consider dance to be a sport. To me it is so much more than scoring points. Dance is art and dancers are not only athletes, but artists. Sure, you can channel emotions into a game of soccer or basketball, but dance is different. Each piece, each step, has a meaning. Dances tell stories, or at least they should. Dance is personal and it is emotionally taxing. Through this year I’ve realized how wrong it is to compare one piece to another. 
The first time I thought about quitting Lariettes and pursuing dance more seriously was actually before I even tried out. It was at Showbiz competition and two of the best studios in the metroplex (Next Step & Prodigy) were competing there. I felt something real when I watched them dance, and I knew that the dancers also felt something and were pouring their heart into the dance. I wanted to be able to dance like that. I seriously considered moving to Next Step even though it is half an hour away. However I decided to try Lariettes because that's where my all my friends were. 
All throughout football season I worked my "derri√®re" (French for butt) off. Besides being without a bus buddy, football season was incredibly fun. Some of my best memories definitely took place during that time. Then in November I attended Dance Revolution (the dance convention, not the video game). It is an amazing organization that I hope to become more involved in in years to come. The dancing I did that weekend was so different from the drill team field dances I’d been doing for the past couple of months and it felt amazing. I realized that I could be dancing like that every day and decided to start asking God if Lariettes was really the place for me. My parents were supportive of me not coming back to Lariettes as a junior but at the time we didn’t know what else there was for me to do. You can’t just walk into a new studio and join their company right away and since I was already committed to Lariettes and my studio company there was not time to go try out different places so eventually I shifted back to being content with drill team.
When we started our money themed production in Lariettes, I knew again that I wanted to quit. Being part of a group that glorifies worldly things like that was and still is unnerving to me. I remember being super angry after learning that choreography and being given a fluff part. I drove myself to the grocery store and bought three boxes of toaster strudels because that’s what I do when I’m ticked off. I declared once again to my parents that I was quitting, once and for all. Then a week later I melted back into Lariettes and this time was fully committed to becoming an officer so I didn't have to do fluff.
The week of my first blog post back was when I made the final decision to quit. Although it wasn't really me, but God. I was in the studio working on my solo and I just could not seem to do anything right. I couldn't spot my turns. I couldn't balance in a double pirouette. My turnout was non-existent. It was basically God saying, “Look, you developed these bad habits on drill team and it isn't where I want you to be. I have bigger plans for you.” I prayed and prayed, talked about quitting with my parents, changed the concept of my solo and two days later when I worked on it in the studio again I was on fire. The moves were flowing naturally through me and I felt His presence in the room with me. I knew that it was His way of letting me know I was making the right decision.
The day after my last drill team competition I went to my dance teacher’s wedding. She was part of Dance Revolution’s professional company, “Ingredients” and the company danced in her wedding. Watching them dance, I realized what was missing in my dance – purpose. They were dancing for the Lord and you could see it in their bodies and faces. I’d been doing high kicks and aimless reaches for months, never knowing what I was missing. It was then that I knew once and for all that God was pushing me in the right direction.
Our Creator created this beautiful thing we call dance. He gave us music, He gave us agile bodies and amazing choreographers. I want to use my dance to glorify Him and Him alone.
So that my friends, is why I quit drill team. I will definitely still be an active supporter of the organization, but I’ll be cheering the Lariettes on from the student section next year. I had two goals going in to Lariettes. 1) Be in the front line for a field kick dance & 2) Make all of the contest dances. I accomplished both of those goals so I'm not too disappointed with my time on drill team. I made lots of great friends and great memories in my year on Lariettes and plan on doing a highlight post later, but as we approach banquet - my last hoorah with the team, this has all been on my mind so I felt like sharing. I am excited about what my future as a dancer holds and I don't want to spill just yet, but I trust that it's where the Lord wants me to be. I'm preparing for the long road ahead and praying for the strength to fight any battle that arises during this journey. 

In His Name, 

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The 8th & 9th grade confirmants at St. Ann, especially the beautiful young woman I am sponsoring, Kassidy. 

This is one of my favorite Ingredients dances. It's cool too because I can connect with crying out to the Lord and hearing His voice guide you. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Jesus, I did this to you" - sin & the crucifixion

It's Holy Week y'all! Only a few more days of Lent and then He is risen!!! For those of you who don't know what Holy Week is, it's the last week of Lent and during this week we celebrate/ reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ. It starts on Palm Sunday then Holy Thursday is the last supper, Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, and Holy Saturday is the day Jesus's body was laid in the tomb. Easter Sunday is actually not part of Holy Week, but it is the first day of the Easter season. You can read more about Holy Week here! 

Last night (Palm Sunday) at my youth group we watched this short film appropriately entitled, Palm Sunday. I'd definitely seen it before but last night was the first time I got the full message it has to offer. I put it below, it's only four minutes long so you should definitely watch! 

Okay so obviously being whipped and beaten and nailed to a cross after carrying a huge wooden block of wood for miles would be extremely painful. But I've read other torture stories before and many have seemed pretty comparable to Jesus's Crucifixion. So for the longest time I didn't get why the Church says that Jesus experienced the worst pain possible. I just always assumed that it didn't even matter how much it hurt physically, Jesus was going through it all as an innocent man saving humanity and that was enough for me. Then  it hit me last night while watching this video...
Jesus died to save humanity from sin. Not just the sins of the people of His time on earth, not just the sins we are committing on earth now and not just the sins that will be committed in the future. He died for all of the above - every sin that has or will ever be committed. Every one of those sins whether it be a swear word or a genocide is a lash to His side or another thorn on His crown. That is insane! There are 7 billion people on earth right now, each one a sinner. Add that to all of the people that have and will live and you'll have over a trillion sins. All of the pain sin causes us caused pain for Jesus. Just try to imagine, a trillion lashes, a tear just dropped onto my laptop at the thought. We will NEVER even come close to knowing how much pain Jesus endured. He did it to save us because even though we are sinners and are unworthy of His Love, He loves us unconditionally. 

I hope I've sparked a new appreciation for the crucifixion of our lord, Jesus Christ for you. I for one am still trying to wrap my head around it all. 

I'm praying that this has been a lent full of repentance and new appreciation for all of you. If it hasn't, it's never too late to start! I don't know if "happy Holy Week!" is the right phrase to use so I'm just going to leave you with the classic verse from the Gospel of John: 
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

In His Name, 

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Those being baptized at the Easter Vigil this Saturday, especially my friends Alex & Gabby.
The 8th & 9th grade confirmants at St. Ann

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Hop on my back!"

Well friends, we're approaching the busy season. Banquets, recital, tryouts - oh my! For me, there are a lot of "lasts" and I'm only a sophomore. A lost of it has to to with growing up, which is both scary and exciting. In this past year alone my responsibilities have doubled, driving, choreographing solos, and as of yesterday, becoming an EMHC (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion). Being able to do all of those things and be trusted to carry them out properly is awesome but I think we all  miss the days where we had no responsibilities. When we're little kids we don't have any responsibilities, we don't have high expectations from anybody nor ourselves, we haven't been exposed to the struggles this earth holds for us. So in the wake of some ridiculous drama/ stress at my dance competition this past weekend, it was great to be able to hang out with a four year old girl to take my mind off of all of the worldly troubles. 
This particular four year old is one of the dance teacher's daughters, Tatum. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of kids but I cannot get enough of Tatum. She's got an infectious spirit, one of those laughs that instantly makes you happy. At the beginning of the weekend I was deemed her friend and by the last day, she told me that she loves me. Aside from funny selfies and vines, the most important thing I got from my weekend with Tatum is a reminder on how we're all made in God's image. Four year olds don't have tunnel vision like we teens do, if you come talk to to Tatum, she declares you  her friend. She's accepting, we all should be too. The second thing I learned is that we all need to laugh more. Olivia and I rode back to the hotel with Miss Jessica (Tatum's mom) on Saturday night, Tatum in tow. Most fun car ride of my life. Tatum would say something random then start cracking up, causing us all to do the same. She told us all about her fish named Bunny and her three brothers (Barrett, Landon and Daddy. Landon is her favorite.) Eventually she ran out of real words and started making up her own which was even funnier. When we got back to the hotel and had to split up in the elevator, Tatum was devastated. 
As I said, the weekend was full of ridiculous drama and stress, which all dance competitions are, but hanging around with my favorite four year old took my mind off of all of that stuff and definitely made it a trip to remember. 
So, that was my short, sweet and happy post to make up for my previous one. I hope you have a great day/night. Here are some pictures and vines taken with Tatum this weekend, enjoy...

Stretching with the big girls!

Selfiie ft. Olivia 


She did not enjoy being onstage for the award ceremony...


breakfast "it's too early to be awake!"

pic ft. her new pink elephant

And of course, here're the vine that the title of this post came from...

"He called a little child and had him stand among them.  And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."

Matthew 18:2-6

In His Name, 

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Tatum and all of the other little kids with such pure hearts, that they stay pure. 
New EMHCs (Including me)